Check out Eric's story

Eric dealt with elbow pain for a long time that limited his ability to do CrossFit the way that he wanted. Click on the video to listen to his experience with Backcountry Physical Therapy!


Natalie Gowen

When I tore my ACL skiing I worried I'd never return to the slopes, or that if I did, I'd be confined to the bunny hill forever. Scott's approach is targeted and has helped me reach my goals faster than I thought possible. Working with Backcountry I've regained the strength and mobility I need to feel confident and enjoy a full day on the mountain. I can't recommend Backcountry more!

Will Quillman

Arrived to Backcountry PT after seeing another PT in the area for months. Dr. Scott provided specific and timely care. He filled the empty piece of the puzzle that I had been missing. If you are a backcountry enthusiast who has been on the shelf due to injury, I highly recommend stopping in and chatting with Dr. Scott.

Sarah Roueche

I happened to find Scott last fall after my insurance stopped covering my PT sessions for a torn piriformis & misaligned pelvis. Things were a little better, but I still wasn't able to run without major pain. Within a few weeks of seeing him, I was able to run easier and start pushing my distance, and after a couple months I was back to doing 30-40 mile weeks. This month I ran a 25-mile race pain-free, and stronger than I've ever been...I have an arsenal of exercises and stretches that will support all my athletic activities, and won't hesitate to call on him again if I have any other injuries in the future!


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