An injury should never stop you from doing what you love. At Backcountry Physical Therapy, we help our clients get back to the outdoors. Athletic physical therapy works to prevent and alleviate pain so you can live an active lifestyle. Whether you have an old sports injury, a strain or sprain, or need to recover after surgery, performance physical therapy with Backcountry Physical Therapy will help your body recover, gain strength, and perform better. Check out what our clients have to say about our physical therapy services.

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Eric dealt with elbow pain for a long time that limited his ability to do CrossFit the way that he wanted. Click on the video to listen to his experience with Backcountry Physical Therapy!


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“Arrived to Backcountry PT after seeing another PT in the area for months. Dr. Scott provided specific and timely care. He filled the empty piece of the puzzle that I had been missing. If you are a backcountry enthusiast who has been on the shelf due to injury, I highly recommend stopping in and chatting with Dr. Scott.”

- Will Q.

“Scott is absolutely amazing at what he does. He helped me with a pretty significant nerve issue with my foot. He incorporated dry needling, massage, and numerous strength exercises to get me to a better point. He was there for me through the whole process and checked on my progress often. He is always so professional, friendly, and so knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Backcountry Physical Therapy!”

- Lisa B.

“Scott helped my son work through back issues over the summer to get him ready for the fall football season. Very knowledgeable and thorough. He gave my kid plenty of information, stretches, and workouts to get back to the sport he loves. Highly recommend Backcountry PT!”

- Jason F.

“I fell snow skiing. Scott helped me by showing me how to do some exercises right away so I would not develop frozen shoulder. My range of motion improved. His expertise and knowledge has helped and I hope to be able to resume all of my sports soon.”

 - Bobbi R.

“I highly recommend Scott. I say this both as a patient and a fellow healthcare worker.  He is very attentive, listens well and devises an appropriate treatment plan.  But better than that, he is constantly assessing your progress and tweaking the plan as needed. Additionally, his use of technology is very helpful with a phone app that keeps you in line. He is also very quick to respond to any questions. Yes, you can find less expensive physical therapy options, but with Scott, you get what you pay for.”

- Mehdi S.

“Scott has been an absolute lifesaver for not only my body but my career. I cannot recommend Backcountry enough. Scott's attention to detail and commitment to each and every patient is unparalleled. Thank you Scott for not only helping me get back to my old self but motivating me to come back better and stronger.”

- Evan C.

“Can't go wrong seeing Dr. Runyon for your outdoor adventures and activities! He will ensure all your needs and concerns are addressed not just for your current injury, but also to help get you set up for the long term. As a colleague who is also a PT there are few other PT's I recommend in the Springs and he certainly makes the cut!”

- Adam S.

“I had a shoulder injury and had been dealing with the pain for about a year now. In just three sessions I have learned many exercises and stretches to help me on my road to recovery. I am already seeing a good amount of improvement. He is very knowledgeable and is great to work with. Thanks Scott!”

- Matthew S.

“I highly recommend Scott for your PT needs! He helped me get back to trail running in a short amount of time and gave me exercises and advice for continued success. What I appreciate the most about his approach is the depth of interview and holistic approach to understanding all of my activities, not just the calf issues that brought me to a halt. We uncovered other weaknesses and developed a long term approach to develop strength and flexibility to tackle running, biking, skiing, and lifting. He uses a great phone app to assign you exercises, demonstrate proper technique, and set reminders for your workouts, and I still use it for a refresher. Go see Scott for an evaluation and you'll see what I'm talking about, he's sharp, thorough, and very good at what he does.”

- Greg W.

“I’ve had multiple shoulder dislocations, and 2 shoulder surgeries. I started working with Scott remotely after moving to Colorado and 3 months post surgery. Scott designed a great program for me to get gradually stronger and build more endurance in my shoulder; we ramped up the difficulty and intensity of the program as I started feeling more confident and stronger. Scott designed the PT routine to also incorporate my hobby of whitewater kayaking. I enjoyed working with Scott, and would recommend him!”

- Rahul S.

“Scott Runyan is a gifted physical therapist! My husband injured himself a few years ago in his mid 60s. He was unable to work and when he finally did return to his very physical work as a professional potter, he found he was experiencing considerable pain. Scott's program helped him rebuild his endurance and core strength. He is back at work and pain free. Thanks Scott, well done!”

 - Danna T.

“Dr. Scott Runyon is amazing to work with!! I have been having knee pain during my runs for months, which eventually became so severe that I could not run even a mile without having to stop. After a few weeks of treatments with Dr. Runyon, I am now able to run without any pain at all. I highly recommend Dr. Runyon to anyone wanting to regain their quality of fitness again!”

- Jessica M.

“When I tore my ACL skiing I worried I'd never return to the slopes, or that if I did, I'd be confined to the bunny hill forever. Scott's approach is targeted and has helped me reach my goals faster than I thought possible. Working with Backcountry I've regained the strength and mobility I need to feel confident and enjoy a full day on the mountain. I can't recommend Backcountry more!”

 - Natalie G.

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Keep Your Body in the Best Shape Possible With Backcountry Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy ensures that your body is operating at its best performance. No matter if you love to mountain bike, you’re an avid snowboarder, or you lift weights regularly, pain can hold you back from doing what you love. At Backcountry Physical Therapy, we believe in helping outdoor enthusiasts live an active lifestyle pain-free. We will work together to come up with a precise treatment plan so you can feel your best. Recover faster, reduce the chance of injury, and feel stronger with physical therapy services from Backcountry Physical Therapy!

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