Surviving the Annual Family Turkey Bowl

performance Nov 23, 2021

It's a widespread tradition across the nation. You pick sides on your family for a friendly game of football on Thanksgiving day. Feelings get hurt when your cousin gets picked ahead of you. That one family member takes it way too seriously. But it's fun! Here's a quick guide on a few rules to make it through the event so you don't get hurt. And don't try to crush grandpa when he goes for a slant route over the middle.


1. Don't play on a full stomach. It's Thanksgiving day, so you are sure to over-indulge. As is tradition. So don't make the game happen immediately after lunch/dinner. When you exercise on a full stomach, you are more likely to experience nausea, cramping, and overall get sick. Try a light snack beforehand from the charcuterie board your sister brought.

2. Get in a dynamic warm-up. Move around a little prior to the game. Do a light jog. Try some A-skips and carioca to loosen your joints and prepare your muscles.

3. Drink some water after the game. It's easy for time with your family to drive you straight into the hard stuff, but hold off on that for just a moment! Get some water in your system afterward to maximize your recovery. The wine will still be there later.


That's just a few simple steps to keep yourself healthy during the family football game! Have fun, and seriously, don't be THAT guy/gal that takes it seriously. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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